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no internet

Hey guys i just upgraded to Windows ten and i have no internet i’m using a cord to a internet box so i’m going home from families house and i wont have internet until windows 10 updates so it could be a few months so just hang until i do. OK well that’s it bye guys

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Hey everybody there is this server that i play that is called kastia the ip is They have lots of fun mini games i play factions on the rube server. my faction is diamondbot i’m still working on a base but i can have help from you guys. but on the regular server it’s self it has survival games. uhc and other fun mini games i relay want you guys to try it out if you have not already but if you have played it but not for a while the i would like to let you know that there is a new world same spawn but it all reset there is a new command for like the spawn drop but some where else but i would like you guys to check it out and have fun with the server of cores good bye.

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the 1.9.0 combat update

The new 1.9.0 combat update is almost done they have told me there will be double sword holding where if you have two iron swords both of them will be held. I’m not so sure but they maybe adding gun hopefully they will be hard to make and mobs cant hold them.with guns you would be so over powered that it not funny because if you get it two early you can maybe two shot a zombie. they are adding new sword stuff like daggers, samurai swords ex… ┬áso guys if you know something i don’t pleas leave a comment i would like to know what you thing. Stay cool


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